Our story started with the death of our 14-year-old sweet daughter Maya. After we put our Maya to sleep, the old collar she left behind became our inspiration. Of course, it was not the only thing she left us: the joy she gave to our family first and then to everyone else, her unrequited love, her friendship and all the emotions and memories we experienced thanks to her… With the idea of “love’s endeavor” at the heart of our designs, we made sure each and every detail of the work was handmade and all the accessories contained symbols that carried different meanings. Most importantly, we made sure our products did not contain any carcinogenic substances. In order to achieve this, we gold plated every metal detail for the happiness and health of our little friends.

The word collar has a connotation of a certain restriction hidden in it. Hoody Doggy started designing and creating in order to change this idea. At first, we dreamed of a cool necklace design, and not a control rope. After a while we found ourselves designing clothes for our friends. It was not difficult to produce products that can serve their function with healthy and solid materials. Designs were the easiest part. We turned our own accessories into collars.

Huge thanks to all the beautiful collars we wanted to see on the neck of our inspiration Maya but could not…

We’ll see you on the streets.